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Where to Daytrip? The Ditch Plains

There is always an inescapable pressure of city life that starts to slowly build under your skin, or at least that's the case for me. I find rebalancing my thoughts and priorities under the influence of nature to be one of the most therapeutic remedies. It doesn't take much, just a short day trip to a secluded beach can do wonders for your mental state. So pack your day bag with a beach towel and some shades and get out there and relax.


the ditch plains

Before you head out to the beach make a stop in the small town of Montauk for some amazing craft beer at the Montauk Brewing Company. Grab a growler and a few plastic cups and take it to the beach! (don't leave any trash) See more:

Right next door to MBC is an amazing (cash only) seafood market called St. Peters Catch. Order a dozen fresh Oysters and a Lobster roll and sit on the quaint picnic tables to enjoy. It's a relaxing young atmosphere and you can feel your troubles just melt away.

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