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D.C. What To Eat for lunch?

I recently had the pleasure to travel to our nations capital to photograph for the fantastically delicious modern sandwich shop Taylor Gourmet. With 11 locations throughout the D.C. area and with catering clientele like President Barak Obama, you know this is a trendy hotspot you cant miss. If it's available order the Memphis Raines, you wont regret it. Priding themselves on using freshly baked breads and only the highest quality veggies, this is one sandwich shop with a lot more flavor to offer. The owners, who grew up on the flavors of Philadelphia's 9th street Italian markets are passionate about the product they offer to the D.C. community and constantly collaborate with other local deli's bakeries, and restauranteurs to offer unique and satisfying lunch creations.

Taylor Gourmet

What to order:

the memphis raines and a merrifield mint runningbyrd tea.

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