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NYC WhereTo Eat Dinner? Midtown East

Find yourself in Midtown Manhattan for happy hour? Or maybe you feel like having a deliciously decadent fine dining experience in a comfortable, modern atmosphere? Vitae is a hidden gem on East 46th st. that offers the perfect setting for both. The ambiance is modern and inviting, the staff is absolutely wonderful, and the food is just plain perfect. Created by Chef Edwin Bellanco (who trained under such greats as Marco Canora, David Bouley, and Thomas Keller). Vitae has cultivated a menu that has something for everyone, and it is done well. Every dish, cooked to perfection and packed with delicate flavor.


What to order:

- crispy pork belly and pulled pork tacos

- duck fat dinner rolls

- butternut squash risotto

- alaskan king crab with purple peruvian potatoes, and truffle butter in a miso-dashi broth.

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